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$599.99 $479.99


$599.99 $479.99
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|For Every Backyard|Ultimate storage and organization solution.|

Meet Station, the perfect storage solution you've been waiting for.

Log rack designs haven't changed in 100 years, and that leaves the modern backyard wanting for more. Staying true to our roots in innovation, Station optimizes storage for all things Solo Stove.

Equip yourself with the perfect storage solution for your fire pit, accessories, and fire wood. Station can stand up to the real world and all life throws at it, not only storing your fire pit, but protecting it from ice, rain, and snow.

Station is powder-coated for durability and holds up to 250 pounds. Find more details below.

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UV Coated Cover


Flexible Storage


2 Shelf Organization

Wood and fire pit storage made easy.

Station's minimal, durable design elevates your outdoor space while allowing you to keep you fire pit, accessories, and fire wood all in one place. Built to hold up to the real world, and made to last, a powder-coated cold rolled mild aluminum frame lets Station hold any combination of Solo Stove gear weighing up to 250lbs.

Spend less time restocking your supply with Station's ample firewood storage that optimizes space and improves coverage. Stack your 10-12" Solo Stove logs two rows deep inside of Station's 24" deep firewood shelf and protect against snow, ice, and rain with the waterproof and weather-resistant cover. Cover provides total protection and a tidy look, while still allowing wood to breathe.

“After several months of fumbling around trying to find somewhere on the deck to stash all my gear, I tested the Station. This is the perfect home all things Solo Stove and I've got it set up right by my pit. Super convenient.” — Bryan R., product tester


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the station made of?

Powder-coated, cold-rolled aluminum.

What is the cover made of?

Solution-dyed, outdoor-rated fabric with industry-standard UV color fastness, and lined with PVC to prevent moisture.

How much does it weigh and what are the dimensions?

Approximately 47lbs and 52.5-in H, 34.25-in W, 24-in D

How much weight can the Station carry/hold?

Approximately 250lbs. It is designed to hold wood, fire pits, and accessories.

What does the Station come with?

Pieces include: the Station frame, the clam shell cover support, the cover, and a small bag of bolts and a wrench.

Do I have to assemble the Station?

Yes, but the Station was designed with easy assembly in mind. It shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to assemble.

Can I store items on top of the Station?

No. The top of the Station can support some weight (such as snow, ice or a quick item briefly placed on top), but it isn't designed to support the weight of a heavy item such as wood or a fire pit.

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