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Solo Stove Tripod

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  • adjustable.pngADJUSTABLE
  • durable.pngDURABLE
  • lightweight.pngLIGHTWEIGHT
  • fastefficient.pngFAST & EFFICIENT
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Use the Tripod along with the Solo Stove Pot 1800 or Solo Stove 2 Pot set for increased stability. Lightweight and compact, the Tripod is easy to setup and disassemble. The adjustable hang chain allows you to control the height at which your pot hangs over your flame giving you a more flexible outdoor cooking experience. The Solo Stove Tripod can be used in combination with any Solo Stove.


Why should I use a Tripod?

Tripods add a new dimension to outdoor cooking. Achieve a simmer or keep food warm.

What pots work with the Tripod?

The Solo Stove Pot 1800 and 2 Pot Set both have hang bails and work well with the Tripod.

What stoves work well with the Tripod?

The Solo Stove Titan and Campfire work well with this tripod.

Is this Tripod sturdy?

It’s extremely sturdy when set up on soft ground. With tapered legs, the tripod can be pushed into the ground for added stability.

How high should I hang my pot over my stove?

It depends what you’re trying to do. With an adjustable chain, you can hang your pot right on top of your stove for more heat or higher to achieve a simmer or to keep food warm.

Does this Tripod come with a stuff sack?

Yep! The stuff sack is a great way to keep your Tripod together.

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Product Specs

Height adjustable hang chain
Assembled max height 43 inches
19 oz
Anodized Aluminum
Drawstring carry sack

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  1. Four Stars 4 Star Review

    Great for holding up my candle lantern. Doesn't work with the small solo stove, though.

    Posted by

  2. Sturdy 4 Star Review

    I like the sturdy feel of the tripod once it is assembled. The take down is just as easy as the assembly. Everything fits compact in a nice little bag.

    The stand handles the Solo Stove Pot 1800 really well. You can also use the stand to assist you with other cooking over a flame while your using your Solo Stove. Its just that handy.

    This is something that will always be with me when I go camping/hiking.

    Posted by

  3. Finally, a good backpacking tripod. 4 Star Review

    Great camping Tripod.. My one complaint is a lack of fine control of each legs length. It makes using this on rock formations difficult as you need to find a section that is relatively flat.

    Posted by

  4. Strong and Lightweight strength for the Solo Titan! 4 Star Review

    This tripod is strong, lightweight and perfect for the solo stove and solo pot titan! The stance is fixed and the pointed feet on the tripod are good for flat and rough terrain. The legs are in 3 sections that screw into each other (very solid, not loose and wobbly), the legs screw into the top main section as well where there is a chain and hook and on top of the chain is a pin type hook that will allow you to raise / lower the hanging pot over the stove so you can control the amount of heat to the pot.
    It also comes in it own storage bag with drawstring which makes it nice for travel / packing.
    I think the chain could have been longer to accommodate other items over the solo stove but can be resolved by adding another longer chain if needed.
    Overall this is a great accessory to the solo stove and solo pot combo!

    Posted by

  5. fantastic and simple 4 Star Review

    this is not a new idea but the way it has been done is fantastic, its so simple to put together its so easy use ,its light 15oz ,when you have the titan solo stove and 1800 pot this is the next thing to buy,i am a chef and have been for a long time and cooking outside is something i want to do more of, and this makes it fun,it takes practice to get the heat just right ,but if you get the pot the right height and the flames the right heat ,and the rest is just cooking skill ,the tripod is well made and is made of a good quality anodized aluminum,the hang chain has very nice joints and is also well made ,and the pin at the top works really well, it has lots of stability with points at the end to put in the ground ,the only down side i can find is i wish it was just a little taller ,so i could use it over an open fire if i was using the solo stove for something else , but all in all its well worth having for camping ,or backpacking, i hope solo stove carry on making this kind of useful quality camping Equipment, THAT IS WELL WORTH THE MONEY

    Posted by

  6. Solo Tripod 5 Star Review

    I got the tripod for my solo stove/ pot combo. When it arrived, I took it from the package (it includes a stuff sack), and assembled it. It went together easily and is stable once assembled. I made one slight modification to mine . The chain and hook arrangement has one end that is shaped as a hook to hang the pot, and the other end is for adjustment of the height above the stove. This second end (adjusting end) I bent into more of a hook shape so it would easily change the height of the pot by simply hooking though the chain in whatever link necessary to determine the position of the pot.

    I like the little tripod and it is well built, seems sturdy and durable.

    I wish they would make some sort of metal basket that would hang as the pot does. That way one could easily cook game as if it were on a spit. This would need to be done over a fire as opposed to the stove as drippings would be messy on the stove. It would however provide a little more versatility and could be used with or without the stove.

    All in all a very nice product and I'm glad I got it...

    Posted by

  7. like utensils, towels 4 Star Review

    I little flimsy but it does the job. One idea for the manufacturer, add 3 small sections of treaded leg as an upgrade so the legs can be attached to each other between the 2nd and 3rd legs so stuff could be hung from it, like utensils, towels, even a grate for drying items. It would add some stability to it also. Newer kits this could just be standard.

    Posted by

  8. Great Addition To your Solo Stove! 4 Star Review

    Had the opportunity to use the Solo Stove Tripod over the last week. I paired this up with my Solo Stove Titan and the Solo Stove Pot 1800. What a great addition to the Solo Stove.

    The shipment comes in a black sinch sack. When opening, there are 9 aluminum rods and the tri block with chain/hook attached. Assembly is easy. Screw 3 sections together ( x3) and screw each of the assembled legs into the tri block at the top. You now have a very sturdy tripod to use with your stove! I was skeptical of this tripod from the description on the internet, but the quality is very nice!

    I enjoy using my stove on my camping trips. This tripod will allow me to make chili without burning / scorching by being able to raise the pot off of the flame / heat to a level that works well!

    I do not recommend hanging anything heavy from this tripod (IE: cast iron, etc.). Again, this tripod was designed to be used with a backpacking kit. A stainless steel pot with 70oz inside should be supported just fine with this tripod. I recommend anyone who owns the Solo Stove or the Solo Stove Titan / Solo Stove Pot 1800 combo to purchase this tripod as an add on accessory!

    Posted by

  9. Great addition to your Solo Titan stove 5 Star Review

    See my review of Solo Stove Titan & Solo Pot 1800 Camp Stove Combo

    Posted by

  10. Five Stars 5 Star Review

    Did what it is supposed to do

    Posted by

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