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Solo Stove Pot 1800

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  • easypouring-1-.pngEASY POURING
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  • lightweight.pngLIGHTWEIGHT
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The lightweight Solo Stove Pot 1800 is the companion pot crafted specifically for use with the Solo Stove Titan. When nested, the Solo Stove Titan fits inside the Solo Stove Pot 1800 for easy storage. Made with premium grade 304 stainless steel, the Solo Stove Pot 1800 is more durable than aluminum pots and arguably, a safer and healthier choice. The Solo Stove Pot 1800 features:

  • Easy to use lid with a rubber coated lift tab (lockable in the upright position)
  • Pour spout for easy pouring
  • Double fold out handles
  • Volume markings in oz and mL
  • Folding/Removeable bail
  • Black nylon stuff sack with drawstring


What Stove does this pot work with?

This is the companion pot for the Solo Stove Titan. The Solo Stove Titan can actually nest inside this pot for compact storage.


What is it called Solo Stove Pot 1800?

It holds a maximum of 1800ml – that’s where the 1800 comes from.


Is stainless steel better than aluminum?

We think so! With concerns that aluminum pots might not be the healthiest option to cook with, we feel that food grade stainless steel is the way to go.


Does this pot come with a stuff sack?

Yep! The stuff sack is a great way to keep your pot protected and the rest of your pack clean.

accessories-graph-final.pngworkswellwith-final.png pot1800-mobile-final.png

Product Specs

Height 6.1 inches, Diameter 5.5 inches
12.5 oz
61 fl.oz (1800mL)
304 Stainless steel

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  1. Four Stars 4 Star Review

    My husband was very pleased with this as a gift. It arrived quickly, and as-advertised.

    Posted by

  2. Nice pot. 4 Star Review

    A nice pot except the handles get hot and should be coated.
    The Titan fits inside perfectly making a great cooking set.

    Posted by

  3. Decent Camp Pot 4 Star Review

    As all Solo Stove gear the Solo Pot 1800 is very well constructed. I tested both on the Solo Stove Titan and over a regular fire. The stainless steel is the material to got with when cooking over fires. Ditch those aluminum pots. This pot is marked off with both liters and ounces.

    It has a spout and a side mounted handle to make it easier to pour water out. You'll have to lift the lid for pouring. I would prefer a lid that was notched out so you could turn the lid to match the spout allowing you to pour with the lid still on. These also a locking bail, so you could hand the lot over a fire. Although the bail locks you can safely change positions of the bail when needed. Some pots lock so tight that your dumping hot water while changing the bail. But not with this pot.

    The price of the pot is just a little high. If your cooking for for a family or small group, this pot is very good. It's simply well constructed and dependable.

    Posted by

  4. Vey Nice 4 Star Review

    Love this pot. Heats water to a boil in about 8-9 mins and holds heat very good . Cooked Mountain house chicken and rice and it came out great. I am going to get the tri pod so I can hang cooked food while I make another item on my titan. This works pot best on the titan stove. Only reason I gave it four stars is handle gets hot and you need a pot holder or a rag. But this is a minor problem and does not take away from the awesomeness of the product

    Posted by

  5. Good pot with great features. 4 Star Review

    This pot is the perfect companion to the Solo stove. On its own it is a great camp pot the bail for me is the perfect height and I like the friction fit 3 position. The handles are a good size and shape for handling a full pot I am glad that there isn't silcone coating on the handles. The tab for the pot lid is nice in that it can lock in the upright position however I am torn on the lid wishing it was more multi-use capable and could be used as a fry pan or something. The biggest improvement I could think of is if it were titanium you could save half the weight.

    Posted by

  6. Great Cookware Built To Last! 4 Star Review

    I would have given this product a 4.5 star rating, but that was not available so I went with a 4 star rating. With that said, my 4.5 star rating should not take away from the Solo Stove Pot 1800! This is a very well built Stainless Steel pot built for the Solo Stove Titan. 60oz capacity, stainless steel construction, and built to store the Solo Stove Titan inside, you will not be disappointed in this pot!

    Many uses for this pot: Soups, stews, hot water, boiling water for tea, instant coffee, hot chocolate, and anything else you can think of! We sauteed onions and peppers inside on the last trip to make a small pot of chili! The possibilities are endless.

    I am a gold prospector and take this pot with the Solo Stove Titan tucked away inside, and pack it in my backpack during prospecting sampling trips along the creeks and streams. Great to have a chance to fire up the stove, boil some water in this pot, and have a warm beverage to warm up after spending time in the cold Ohio weather!

    I have 2 solo stoves, but only one Solo Pot 1800. I will be purchasing another one in the near future for my second Titan stove, to be used in my survival pack. Thanks for this great product Solo Stove!

    Posted by

  7. This pot should be made out of titanium, just like the solo titan should be 4 Star Review

    But none the less it does the job and it is able to cook a very large amount of food in one cooking time.

    There's only two complaints I have. 1. it should of been made out of titanium just like the solo stoves should have been made out of and 2. the lid on this pot should have a twist locking mechanism so you can poor the water out the spout without having to manually hold the lid on.

    Posted by

  8. Good Pot 4 Star Review

    Nice piece of cooking gear. Handles make it really easy to use on a camp stove or fire. Lid fits great. Well made overall. I would buy this again but don't think I will need to, this pot should outlast me.

    Posted by

  9. Love the size 4 Star Review

    Love the size. Love the lid. Love the bail. Love the handles. This pot is almost perfect. If I was the maker of this pot I would change the pot lid ring. It needs to be a tad bigger, (easier to lift with a stick) Right now its to small, and floppy. Other than the lid ring, I find this pot to be the best one out there for experienced bushcrafters, hikers, and campers. This pot isn't very heavy, but it is a little bulky. When it comes to life outdoors, eating good, and sleeping good is the most important. That's why I say this pot is for the experienced. We know the importance of a bigger quality pot for a longer term outdoor experience. I could pack an entire survival kit in this pot.

    Posted by

  10. The stove fits nicely inside the pot 4 Star Review

    I ordered the stove and the pot at the same time. The stove fits nicely inside the pot. The pot would have enough room to boil water for my family of four. The pot did get quite black after first use. I did not use any detergent on the outside like other reviewers have proposed. I like the pouring feature of the pot. Makes dispensing water easy. I need to get more experience keeping the fire going with twigs, it dies out quickly or else the fire gets going quite high around the outside of pot. The bags the pot and stove come in are thin but work great so far.

    Posted by

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