Fire Striker - Solo Stove
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Fire Striker

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Solo Stove

Fire Striker

$24.99 $17.99
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Fire Striker
|Fire Striker|Ultra-durable stainless steel fire striker.|

When you want the primal fire starting experience, Fire Striker is a surefire way to the perfect flame.

It’s fast-lighting ferrocerium rod sparks twice as hot as a regular match and lasts for up to 15,000 strikes. Details lower on page.


Hot Spark - 5400°F


Works When Wet





Flames on demand

Matches get wet and lighters may fail. Fire Striker is the perfect tool to light up your Solo Stove camp stove or fire pit. Just position it near your kindling and strike.

Fire Striker’s durable construction helps you connect to the primal fire-starting experience. The fast-lighting ferrocerium rod sparks twice as hot as a regular match and will last up to 15,000 strikes. It’s oversized scalloped handles give you a better grip when striking.


Product Specs



Lasts approximately 15,000 strikes


1 oz

Frequently Asked Questions

Which stoves work well with Fire Striker?

All stoves work well with Fire Striker. The Fire Striker creates high temperature sparks which helps to start your fire inside your stove.

Do I need to use Fire Striker to light my stove?

No, but it sure is a fun way to test your fire-making skills!

How long will Fire Striker last?

Approximately 15,000 strikes.

What’s the best way to use Fire Striker?

It’s all about preparing your tinder. You can use dry grass or bark but if you’d like an easier method, try using some dryer lint – these make great fire starters that can be easily lit using your Fire Striker.

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