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Solo Stove Bonfire

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  • Eco-Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • FAST & Efficient

Fire Ring

The fire ring is formed from a single piece of 304 stainless steel, deep drawn with precision tooling and hand polished. The fire ring is designed to keep the fire centered and even. It sits securely on the top and when turned upside down, nests inside for simple storage.

Secondary Burn

Vent holes near the top of the burn chamber allow preheated oxygen to fuel the flame resulting in a more complete combustion and a hotter fire with less smoke.

Precision Base Plate

Allows oxygen to be fed directly to embers from below. This helps to burn biofuel faster and hotter while allowing spent ash to fall out of the process.

Ash Pan

Catches loose ash and prevents it from clogging vital airflow. The ash pan also acts as a heat shield and prevents your Bonfire from scorching the ground beneath it.


Rising hot air, and the absence of oxygen created by the combustion process, pulls air through the bottom vent holes. This air movement fuels the fire at its base while also providing a boost of preheated air through the vent holes at the top of the burn chamber.

The Solo Stove Bonfire, the worlds most unique fire pit, pushes the limits of both combustion airflow efficiency and minimalist outdoor design. It was painstakingly engineered to provide a backyard fire experience that cannot be duplicated. Using our patented design and specialized construction process, we have created the most beautiful single unit fire pit ever. Prepare yourself to be wowed by the Bonfire's mesmerizing flames and come closer together with friends and family outdoors.

Each portion of the bonfire is made of the highest grade 304 stainless steel and perfectly measured and formed. The bonfire presented us with some unique design challenges that required us to create custom tools. These tools, along with a precision construction process, and intricate multi-step finishing and polishing process result in a product that is both beautiful and durable.

Where should I use the Bonfire?

The Bonfire works great in a backyard or take it with you to your car camping site.

Do I need to purchase any accessories?

Nope. All you need are some logs to burn.

How do I cook on the Bonfire?

The Bonfire was not designed with cooking as the main objective. The Bonfire is meant to be used as a backyard fire feature. That said, feel free to break out the marshmallows or hot dogs on a stick!

What’s the difference between the Solo Stove Lite, Titan and Campfire?

The Solo Stove Lite, Titan and Campfire are more portable backpacking and camping stoves meant for cooking. The Bonfire is a unique backyard fire pit and is not designed to be portable like our other stoves.

What wood types do you recommend using as fuel?

Any firewood logs will burn but for optimum efficiency we recommend dry hard woods. Hardwoods such as birch, maple, hickory and oak will burn longer than softwoods.

How many logs should I use?

We recommend using 4-6 average size logs. Don't overfill your Bonfire. Once you have a hot bed of embers, you can always throw on another log or two.

How do I clean and store my Bonfire?

After your Bonfire is cool, turn it upside down to empty any remaining ashes left in your stove. Keep your Bonfire in a cool and dry place when not in use. It’s that easy!

Will my Bonfire be hot when in use?

YES! Do not touch any part of the Bonfire when in use. It will be extremely hot. Children should always be under parental supervision when around the Bonfire. Use common sense and treat the Bonfire like any other fire.


Product Specs

Height 14 inches, Width 19.5 inches
20 lbs
304 stainless steel
firewood logs

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  1. Solo Stove Quality! 5 Star Review

    I just received my Solo Stove Bonfire from the Kick Starter Campaign. Packaging is excellent! Build quality is excellent! Much larger than I expected which is a good thing. Logs purchased from the local grocery store fit in with room to spare. The included soft case is nice quality, its easy to insert the stove and the carry handles work well. I couldn't be more pleased. After I bought in to the campaign I went to their website and purchased two other smaller Solo Stoves. I wish every manufacturer took this much pride in their product and workmanship. A+ all day long.

    Posted by

  2. Best backyard fire thingy EVER! 5 Star Review

    OK. I admit. I've got a problem. I love campfires. I have the Solo Stove Lite. The Titan. The Campfire. And I was an early funder of the Bonfire project...

    I just received my new Bonfire stove, and I have to tell you, this is the BEST backyard appliance ever! Who needs TV or cable when you have this? It's a beautiful piece of finely crafted stainless steel, and it produces smoke free heat and light.

    This is now the highlight of my day. Sure. Work hard. Earn money. Pay your bills... But nothing is better than coming home to a cold beer and a warm fire in the backyard... This is the best thing I've spent money on in years. It's an order of magnitude better than I was expecting.. It's a beast! It's a thing of beauty. I can see years of enjoyment with this. High tech meets Zen...

    Thank You Solo Stove People!

    Posted by

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