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Solo Stove Backpacker Cookbook

Solo Stove Backpacker Cookbook

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Solo Stove Backpacker Cookbook
|For All Stoves|Cookbook thats perfect for Backpacking or Emergency Preparedness.|

Ready to be a backwoods chef? We've got you covered.

Solo Stove Backpacking & Emergency Prep Cookbook

The Solo Stove Backpacking and Emergency Prep Cook Book is an instant downloadable cook book and a handy resource to have when planning your next trip or restocking emergency staples. We put this together knowing you'd be on the go so each card is ready to be printed & hole punched to take along with you as an easy resource. Each meal in here was designed to be easy, lightweight, and keep you fueled for adventure. No matter if your keeping dry goods on hand for storm season, or shaving as many ounces off your pack weight for the trail, Solo Stove has your back!

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