Solo Stove Accessory Kit
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Accessory Kit

$73.95 $49.99

Solo Stove

Accessory Kit

$73.95 $49.99
You save $23.96
Accessory Kit
|For Every Adventure|Tools to get your stove going in any environment.|

Sometimes finding dry sticks and twigs on the trail and getting them to light can be a challenge. Be prepared with the perfect addition to your Lite or Titan camp stove kit. Spark, fuel, and protect your flame! Details lower on page.

What’s Included
  • Windscreen — Guards your flame
  • Alcohol Burner — Alternative liquid fuel option
  • Fire Striker — The primal fire-starting experience
  • Tinder-on-a-rope — Kindles your flame naturally

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Everything you need to fire up Lite or Titan

This gear kit has everything you need to light and protect the flame in your Solo Stove Lite or Titan.

(Solo Stove camp stove not included.)


Even when the wind is blowing, you can still enjoy cooking on your Solo Stove. Windscreen is the ultra portable solution to protecting your camp stove’s flame. The folding, eight-panel design lets you configure it to the right shape.

Alcohol Burner

Sometimes finding dry sticks and twigs on the trail can be a challenge. Be prepared using Alcohol Burner as a backup liquid fuel option. It’s design features a flame regulator and a screw-top cap to store fuel directly inside the burner.

Fire Striker

When you want the primal fire starting experience, Fire Striker is a surefire way to the perfect flame. It’s fast-lighting ferrocerium rod sparks twice as hot as a regular match and lasts for up to 15,000 strikes.


Need a little tinder to start your fire? Tinder-on-a-rope is made from cultivated pine from the Mexican highlands. With 80% resin content, this tinder is easy to light a fire in your camp stove, even if it’s wet.

Every Solo Stove product is backed by our lifetime warranty. Learn more about it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which stoves work well with the accessories in this kit?

The Solo Stove Lite and Titan work well with all the accessories in this kit.

Should I still buy a pot with these accessories?

Yes! The Solo Stove experience isn’t complete without a Solo Stove pot.

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