Pi Pizza Oven Starter Bundle - Wood and Gas Burning | Solo Stove
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Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
Pi Starter Bundle (Estimated Ship Date: July 11th)
$744.99 $554.99
You save $190.00
Free Shipping & Returns
Lifetime Warranty
Inspired by Tradition
Create new, meaningful moments right in your own backyard with thoughtful, wood-fired design. Inspired by the time-honored traditions of Italian pizza chefs, Pi is the choice pizza oven for any backyard artisan.
Easy to Use
Intuitive design and Demi-Dome construction level the playing field for beginners and enthusiasts. Enjoy a relaxed approach to the timeless craft of pizza making, optimized for heat distribution and minimal heat loss– because you’ll want to bake longer with less fuel and better results.
Dual Fuel capability is about combining authenticity and modern convenience without compromise. Pi can entertain a refined palate with wood-fired flavor or indulge a quick weeknight splurge with the convenience of propane-fueled flames. Readily adapt to propane fuel with the ultimate Pi accessory, Gas Burner.
Stone-baked pies beat oven-rack pizza every time, especially with set-up that’s just as quick and crust that’s twice as crisp. It all starts with the panoramic opening that makes maneuvering, launching pizzas, and fueling your fire as simple as setting the table. Ease of access makes incredible pizza an everyday possibility.
Make a new tradition and trust Pi’s durable stainless steel features to carry your good moments into lasting memories. Solo Stove Pi has a lifetime warranty because well-made pizza comes from a well-made oven.
Signature Airflow
Pi's well-rounded design features Solo Stove Signature Airflow and Demi Dome Construction, creating enhanced convection bake after bake.
Cool air passes underneath, supplying oxygen to the perforated fuel grate while the rear door keeps heat from escaping.
The Demi Dome ceiling directs rising heat down and around to every inch of the wall-to-wall pizza stone for an evenly heated cooking surface.
Angled panoramic openings make even more room for installing the split pizza stone, maneuvering your pizzas, and managing your fire.
All-over ceramic insulation and porous yet durable cordierite pizza stone work to puff up your pizza from dough to done in 2 minutes.
Bakers seeking a streamlined experience can swap the removable wood-burning assembly for the propane-fueled gas burner.
How it Works
Bake pizza after pizza with a Demi Dome construction designed for capturing, keeping, and transferring heat so you can have good moments without interruption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it go on my fire pit?

We imagined Pi as a stand-alone tool for improving your good moments. Enjoy your smokeless fires without compromise– this wood-firing pizza oven works independently from Solo Stove fire pits.

Where can you use it?

Any outdoor spaces you love to gather in will be improved by Pi. Place Pi on a sturdy, waist-level surface that can handle a little heat. Granite, brick, masonry, tile, and unfinished wood are all beautiful options.

How do you clean it?

Crumbs, soot, and wood ash will naturally accumulate on Pi’s surfaces as you make wood-fired pizza a part of your good moments! The exterior of Pi can be cleaned using warm soapy water and a lint-free towel. We do not recommend using abrasive cleaning products, which can damage the oven surface. The interior of Pi can be cleaned in the same way you would run a self-cleaning cycle on a standard, or conventional, oven. Fire it up on high heat to burn off any crumbs or residue. Once Pi has completely cooled, simply brush away the debris. You can also wipe down soot from various surfaces with a lightly dampened cloth.

How should it be stored?

Pi is the perfect size for storing in Station among your other favorite Solo Stove things. Other storage solutions include Shelter to keep Pi out of the elements, especially rain and humidity

Is it portable?

Pi serves up good pizza and good moments in all of your favorite outdoor spaces. As long as there is a safe, secure, and comfortable workstation at your destination, Pi can accompany all sorts of outings from tailgates to beach days.

How is it fueled?

Pi is a Dual Fuel pizza oven. When you add on the ultimate accessory, Gas Burner, Pi will adapt to a propane-fueled experience.

How big can the pizzas be?

Pi makes plenty of room for a 12” pizza or a few personal-size pizzas.

How many pizzas can it make? (run time)

Accounting for preheating time, you could fire 3-4 pizzas in the first hour. Maximize your pizza output by having your dough prepped and ready to fire! Pi can run for as long as 3 hours when wood-firing your pizza, depending on how much ash collects in the ash pan. Once the ash pan is full, the pizza party is over. When gas-firing your pizza, Pi can run for as long as your propane tank still has fuel.

What else can you cook in it?

Pizza, flatbreads, and things that need a little crisping up are perfect for Pi. Be sure to keep your recipes low-moisture and low-fat to protect your pizza stone from absorbing unfriendly flavors.

How hot does Pi get?

There are two different temperatures to know, stone temp and ambient air temp. You may see some variability in these numbers as you use Pi:

Wood Burning
  • Stone: 750°F
  • Ambient Air: 850°F
Gas Burner
  • Stone: 800°F
  • Ambient Air: 900°F

The wood burning setup will vary depending on wood type, quantity of fuel added, and frequency of adding the wood. Outside ambient conditions can also affect stone and air temperatures inside the oven.

⚠️WARNING: The combustion products emitted when this product is burning can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide which is known by the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to P65warnings.ca.gov.



Flavor is a Universal Language
From the first meal around a fire until now, deep connections have been formed in meaningful ways just by sharing a meal. See how Pi can help shape your next pizza night