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Oak Firewood

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Solo Stove

Oak Firewood

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$24.99 $18.99
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Oak Firewood
Oak Firewood|Solo Stove
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Do you feel the heat? That’s the cozy warmth of Oak firewood.

It burns longer and hotter than other hardwoods, letting you stay out late making lasting memories around a mesmerizing fire.

No need to split, each log is precut to fit inside any size Solo Stove fire pit. Just load it up, light, and enjoy.

Available for US Only - Minimum quantity of 2

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Fuel longer nights with hotter fires.

Build a roaring, cozy fire to fuel nights around your Solo Stove you’ll never forget. Our Oak firewood burns clean and produces a mild, earthy aroma for that classic campfire feeling.

No firewood burns hotter and longer than Oak. It is dense and contains more organic matter than other firewoods, allowing you to achieve a hotter fire to last throughout the night. Use less firewood and make more memories!

Our Oak firewood is kiln-dried and sustainably sourced from well-managed forests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it weigh?

10-14 lbs

How many logs are included in the bundle?

10-12 logs

What is the size of the logs?

Approx 10-12" long, 3" diameter (most logs are split)

How many cubic feet are in the bundle?

0.5 cubic feet

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