The Solo Stove Lite is a lightweight and compact wood burning stove designed to minimize your footprint while hiking and camping and is for one to two people. It's also perfect for emergency prep.
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Solo Stove

Lite Gear Kit

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Lite Gear Kit
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|1-2 People|Ultra-portable solo backpacking stove.|

Adventure is calling and you need a complete camp stove kit. This bundle lets you enjoy a hot meal on the trail and get moving again. Details lower on page.

What’s Included
  • Lite — ultralight camp stove
  • Pot 900 — Lite nests perfectly inside
  • Windscreen — Guards your flame
  • Alcohol Burner — Alternative liquid fuel option
  • Fire Striker — The primal fire-starting experience
  • Tinder-on-a-rope — Kindles your flame naturally

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Cooks for 1-2 People


Wood Burning


Low Smoke


Stainless Steel

The complete Solo Stove Lite experience

Get ready to enjoy the super efficient burn of the original Solo Stove Lite, together with all the accessories you need to spark a flame, stay warm, and cook up a hot meal.


The Solo Stove story began with this little stove. Two brothers wanted to create an ultralight camp stove that could boil water in under 10 minutes using sticks and twigs as fuel. The result: the Solo Stove Lite. Our Signature 360° Airflow Design™ lets you hit the trail, enjoy a hot meal, and keep moving. Join thousands of others enjoying its powerful, efficient burn.

Pot 900

When you’ve spent hours on the trail, you need a hot meal or drink fast. You’ve discovered the perfect, ultralight pot to use with Solo Stove Lite! Craft tasty soups, stews, and hot drinks without taking up precious room in your pack. When it’s time to get moving, Lite nests right inside Pot 900.


Even when the wind is blowing, you can still enjoy cooking on your Solo Stove. Windscreen is the ultra portable solution to protecting your camp stove’s flame. The folding, eight-panel design lets you configure it to the right shape.

Alcohol Burner

Sometimes finding dry sticks and twigs on the trail can be a challenge. Be prepared using Alcohol Burner as a backup liquid fuel option. It’s design features a flame regulator and a screw-top cap to store fuel directly inside the burner.

Fire Striker

When you want the primal fire starting experience, Fire Striker is a surefire way to the perfect flame. It’s fast-lighting ferrocerium rod sparks twice as hot as a regular match and lasts for up to 15,000 strikes.


Need a little tinder to start your fire? Tinder-on-a-rope is made from cultivated pine from the Mexican highlands. With 80% resin content, this tinder is easy to light a fire in your camp stove, even if it’s wet.

Every Solo Stove product is backed by our lifetime warranty. Learn more about it here.

Product Specs



304 Stainless Steel


Sticks, Twigs, Pine Cones and Other Biomass


9 oz
5.7 Inches Tall, 4.25 Inches Wide

Product Specs



304 Stainless Steel


Sticks, Twigs, Pine Cones and Other Biomass


9 oz
5.7 Inches Tall, 4.25 Inches Wide

Frequently Asked Questions

What pot works best with the Solo Stove Lite?

Our Solo Stove Pot 900 is the companion pot for the Solo Stove Lite. The stove nests inside this pot for compact storage.

What other accessories work with the Solo Stove Lite?

Solo Stove Windscreens, Alcohol Burners, 3 Pot Set and Firesteel all work great with the Solo Stove Lite.

How many people can the Solo Stove Lite cook for?

This depends on what you’re cooking but generally, the Solo Stove Lite is a great stove for 1-2 people.

What’s the difference between the Solo Stove Lite, Titan and Campfire?

Aside from weight and portability the main difference is size. The Solo Stove Lite is good for 1-2 people, the Titan is good for 2-4 people and the larger Campfire works great for groups of 4+ people.

What wood types do you recommend using as fuel?

Any dry twigs, pinecones or leaves will burn but for optimum efficiency we recommend dry hard woods. Hardwoods such as birch, maple, hickory and oak will burn longer than softwoods.

Is the Solo Stove Lite airplane friendly?

Yes! Solo Stoves, unlike most canister fuel burning stoves, can be carried on or checked in at the airport.

How do I clean and store my stove?

After your stove is cool, a quick shake will get rid of any remaining ashes left in your stove. Place it in its stuff sack and keep it in a cool and dry place when not in use. It’s that easy!

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⚠️WARNING: The combustion products emitted when this product is burning can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide which is known by the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to