How To Fire Up Your Solo Stove

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How to Fire Up Your Solo Stove

Check out the guide below to learn everything you need to know to fire up your Solo Stove. Download the PDF instructions to take with you. Bonfire users don’t miss the Bonfire Guide to get the most out of your Bonfire.

Solo Stove How-To Step #1

Gather Dry Twigs & Tinder

Gather enough twigs and prepare them by breaking them into thumb length sizes. Dry twigs and tinder will always workbetter than wet biofuel.

Solo Stove How-To Step #2

Find Level Ground

Place your Solo Stove on level ground away from wind. If you have a windscreen, set it up to provide additional wind blockage.

Solo Stove How-To Step #3

Clear Away Ground Debris

For added safety, clear away any flammable ground debris within 5 ft. of the stove (twigs, leaves, grass etc.)

Solo Stove How-To Step #4

Remove the Cooking Ring

Remove the nested cooking ring from inside the stove. This will make it easier to stack twigs inside the stove and prepare to light your fire.

Solo Stove How-To Step #5

Light a Fire Inside the Stove

Using dry twigs and tinder, light a fire inside the stove.

Solo Stove How-To Step #6

Replace the Cooking Ring

Place the cooking ring on top of the stove as soon as you have a sustainable flame.

Solo Stove How-To Step #7

Cook, Boil, Roast, Percolate, Etc.

Prepare your favorite backpacking meal, brew a hot drink or roast a marshmallow. Enjoy!


Use Dry Wood

Always use dry wood when possible. Wet wood will take longer to burn and will produce more smoke.


Search for Hardwoods

Hardwoods (birch, maple, hickory, oak, etc.) will burn longer and generate less soot buildup than softwoods.


Minimize Soot with Proper Technique

Allow the fire to become well-established and hot before putting on a pot. For extra soot protection, take a bar of soap and a little water and lightly coat the exterior bottom of your pot or pan before use. As you cook, the bottom will turn black, but will rinse off easily under water when you’re done.


Switch Up Your Fuel

Try cooking with a full load of fuel lit on top. Start by placing large sticks and twigs neatly on top of the nichrome wire grate until they reach the top air vents. Light a small fire on top using your favorite and feed it with small to medium sized sticks until the fire is self-sustaining. Continue to do this until the fire spans the full width of the stove and the main fuel load begins to burn from the top down. Begin cooking and feed additional fuel through the opening in the cooking ring as needed.

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