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Grill Ultimate Bundle (Estimated Ship Date September 28th)

$699.99 $599.99

Solo Stove

Grill Ultimate Bundle (Estimated Ship Date September 28th)

$699.99 $599.99
You save $100.00 + Free Shipping & Returns*
Grill Ultimate Bundle (Estimated Ship Date September 28th)
|Solo Stove Grill|The backyard grill reimagined|

Experience grilling, reinvented. You’ll use less charcoal, get cooking faster, and enjoy ideal cooking temperatures for up to 45 minutes with the included Grill Pack.

360° Airflow™ technology creates a convection cooking environment that solves common grilling challenges. Details lower on page.

What’s Included
  • Solo Stove Grill
  • Grill Stand
  • Grill Pack
  • Grill Tools
  • Grill Shelter

Easy Set-Up


360 Degree Airflow

cook time 

Cooks Faster


Burns Hotter


Stainless Steel

airflow gif

360° Airflow™ technology

Creates a convection heating environment that you don’t have to mess with. Just add charcoal, light it, and it naturally lets the air flow through to create the perfect cooking conditions.

Box to Burger in 30 minutes

  1. Set Up (takes just 5 minutes, 6 bolts)
  2. Heat Up (charcoal ready in 10 - 15 minutes)
  3. Eat Up (the same charcoal lasts up to 45 minutes)
whats inside the grill image white

Simple by Design.

Easily removable ash pan, charcoal grate, and cooking grate make it easy to light AND clean every part of the grill.

Less Wait. Less mess. More time to do what you love.

  • No Messing with Airflow Controls
  • No adding charcoal later
  • No need to touch the charcoal

The Solo Stove Grill Ultimate Bundle

Comes with everything you need for the first cookout!

Solo Stove Grill, Grill Stand, Grill Shelter, All Natural Grill Pack, and Grill Tools.

Grill Pack

All Natural charcoal made with vegetable starch is truly 100% natural.

Grill Tools

Grill Tools are made with 304 stainless steel and have been thoughtfully designed to solve common grilling problems. (Yes, the tongs actually pick up your steak.)

Product Specs



304 Stainless Steel, cold-rolled steel


Charcoal briquettes or lump kiln-dried chunk wood


43lbs | 19.5kg
37.5 Inches Overall Height, 22 Inches Wide

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the grill just a fire pit on legs?

Our fire pits are designed to burn hot and fast, sometimes more than 1200° Fahrenheit. Can you cook over it? Yes. But it takes a lot of time and work to get the ember bed to just the right heat where your steak isn’t consumed in minutes.

At Solo Stove we are about taking life’s complications and simplifying them. SO a solution that requires a lot of training and work didn’t feel right. What DID feel right was a completely optimized cooking experience that lets you get food on the grill and to the table quickly without the hassle.

That’s what the Solo Stove GRILL is designed to do. Our signature 360° Airflow technology creates the optimal convection cooking environment. Just put in a small amount of charcoal, light it and the design naturally lets the air flow through and create the perfect cooking conditions. It uses less charcoal, heats up fast, and stays hot longer. That’s why we say it’s “Grilling, Reinvented.”

How do I set it up?

Set up is a cinch. The stand comes together using only six bolts and can be assembled in about five minutes. Place the Grill on the Stand without the lid. Remove the cooking grate and empty the full contents of one Grill Pack onto the charcoal grate. Light the briquettes. Replace the cooking grate, and you are ready to grill after the charcoal preheats for ten to fifteen minutes.

What does “ready in 15 minutes” mean?

The Solo Stove Grill uses our signature 360° Airflow technology to create the optimal convection cooking environment. It uses less charcoal and heats up faster than other grills so you can be ready to start cooking in just 15 minutes. It’s time to stop sacrificing flavor and enjoy a completely optimized grilling experience.

How long will one Grill Pack last?

Once preheated, one Grill Pack will provide the perfect cooking environment for up to forty-five minutes. Much less charcoal is required and it contains the perfect number of briquettes.

How tall is the stand?

Grill’s cooking surface is 28 inches off the ground, and the stand itself is 21.5”. We recommend placing it on a hard, level surface.

What makes Solo Stove Grill different than other charcoal grills?

Other charcoal grills involve a lot of guesswork: measuring charcoal briquettes, getting the temperature just right, maintaining consistent airflow in the grill, etc.

Solo Stove Grill is made to create the perfect cooking fire every time without the hassle of making sure your flame is just right. It uses less charcoal, heats up fast, and stays hot longer. That’s why we say it’s “Grilling, Reinvented.”

What is covered under the lifetime warranty?

Our lifetime warranty guarantees your Solo Stove Grill to be free of any manufacturing defects. However, if there is a manufacturing defect that alters how your unit performs, we will happily replace it. Email for more information.

Have a question not listed here? Send us an email at

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