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$54.99 $39.99


$54.99 $39.99
You save $15.00 + Free Shipping & Returns
|For Fire Pit Cooking System|

Tending to the fire while juggling hot fire pit tools can quickly become a hot mess.

Gloves were designed to empower you with a safe and secure experience as you stoke the coals or flip your steak.

Breathable insulation and a flexible form provide a comfortable fit down to the wrist, while silicon palms give a secure grip. Solo Stove’s Gloves pair perfectly with our Cast Iron Cooking System, Fire PIt Tools, and good moments.

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Get a Grip

Your fire pit and accessories get hot, and Gloves’ insulating fabric makes conducting your good moments a manageable feat. Stay protected from sizzling cooktops or flying sparks as you refuel the fire.

A universal fit allows anyone to get their hands in on the action. Hand wash in warm soapy water and air dry to revive Gloves after a long day over the coals.

Our heat resistant Gloves protect your hands, and your peace of mind. Using gloves for handling hot utensils and accessories is fine, but be careful to avoid temperatures exceeding 500° F. Always allow your fire pit to cool before handling, even with Gloves.

Did we mention free shipping and free returns? If you aren’t happy with your Gloves, send it back and we’ll send you a FREE prepaid return label (We don’t think you will want to though). Return within 30 days for a full refund. Customers shipping from outside of the contiguous United States (Alaska & Hawaii) are responsible for return shipping costs.

Every Solo Stove product is backed by our lifetime warranty. Learn more about it here.