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Five Things I Really Like About the Solo Stove

Hi. This is my review of the Solo Stove. For more information on the Solo Stove, visit their website, Five things I really like about this stove and what attracted me to it, the reason why I got one.

Number one, it's very simple to use and that's important to me. I'm out backpacking, I don't want to worry about something going wrong or something being difficult to use or set up. I want to enjoy myself, and Solo Stove couldn't be easier to use. In fact, the only instructions you get and the only instructions you need are right here on the outside of the box. That's it. All you do, basically, is put your tinder inside the stove. I like to use dryer lint. Start feeding it small pieces of wood, bark, pine cones, twigs, and sticks. Makes your fire ring on and there's your surface for your pot and you're cooking. Couldn't be easier to use.

Number two, I like that it uses basically just twigs, small pieces of wood, and pine cones for its fuel. That means I don't have to worry about bringing three or four bottles of alcohol with me or trying to calculate exactly how much I have or worrying about running out. I have an unlimited fuel supply with this stove all right around me.

Third thing I really like about it is that because it uses just twigs and sticks for fuel, when you're camping in an area you're not leaving a really big impact on the area where you're camping. You can just use a handful of twigs, and you can do all your cooking, boiling water with this stove. So when you leave, there's really no marking of a fire pit, not a whole lot of firewood that you had to spend time collecting. So this really has a very small impact on the environment, which I think is important as we enjoy the woods and the outdoors.

Four, I like it because, not only is it a great camping stove, this is a great addition to my emergency pack. Here on the Oregon coast we have winter storms where we lose power all the time, we have the threat of tsunamis. So with this stove I have a back-up supply for boiling water or doing cooking in an unlimited fuel source.

Last thing I really like about this stove is just the interactions I've had with the company that makes it. I've sent them some emails, asked them some questions, and you always get a really quick reply, very prompt, very courteous, very professional. And I like that. It's a very quality product, and they come across as a quality organization that's passionate about what they do. As a consumer, I like buying products from companies that I respect and admire. So that's the Solo Stove. Visit and check it out.

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