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The Snoop Stove - Bonfire 2.0 + Stand Limited Edition
The Snoop Stove - Bonfire 2.0 + Stand Limited Edition
The Snoop Stove - Bonfire 2.0 + Stand Limited Edition

The Snoop Stove - Bonfire 2.0 + Stand Limited Edition

Introducing the Snoop Stove: the Fire Pit hot enough to make the Doggfather go smokeless.

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Choose Your Shade Of Smokeless

Want something different? Choose your pit. Choose your color. We've got smokeless fire for every yard.

Bonfire 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

When your wood is burned through completely, and your fire pit is cool, remove the ash pan from under your base plate and dump it.

As your wood burns on the base plate, the ashes will fall to the ash pan below. When it's done burning and completely cooled, you won't have to tip your fire pit over to get rid of ashes. A simple lift of the base plate and removal of the ash pan means you can easily clean your fire pit.

Yes! Unique to Solo Stove, our fire pits were made for easy transport, no matter your need. Reposition your fire pit in your backyard for a new aesthetic, or take it with you on your next adventure.

There are many benefits to a smokeless flame! A low-smoke fire means there's less smoke to dodge, so you can enjoy a night around the fire pit without the smell to prove it. And with little to no smoke, less harmful particles like creosote are being released into the atmosphere, making your fire pit environmentally friendly.

Our customers have also been vocal advocates for the health benefits, especially. Less smoke from the flame means less smoke inhaled, making the 'round-the-fire enjoyment for everyone!

Fire Pits should not be touched while burning. Once the flames have died out, you should wait at least an hour before touching it with bare hands.

⚠️WARNING: The combustion products emitted when this product is burning can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide which is known by the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/fact-sheets/carbon-monoxide