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Pi Fire

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Bring pizza-making to your nights around the fire with our favorite fire pit topping! Pi Fire combines the best of our Solo Stove products to bring pizza cooking to your smokeless fire pit.

Looking for Canyon (Yukon 30") click here

Pi Fire is a part of the Pi Fire Pit System and must be used with your Solo Stove fire pit for a safe and complete experience.

Complete The Pi Fire Experience

Our Favorite Fire Pit Topping

Enhanced Versatility

Pi Fire is designed to elevate the fire pit experience. Or, in this case, elevate above the fire pit. Sit around the fire while enjoying s’mores and artisan quality pizza.

Made to Move

From the backyard to the backwoods enjoy wood-fired artisan pizza anywhere your fire pit can go. With built-in handles for easy portability, an included carry case, and a simple setup, Pi Fire is ready for the adventure.

Make the Outdoors, Yours

Pi Fire is compatible with our family of Solo Stove fire pits and with most of our expanding range of accessories, bringing a whole new level of customization to your outdoor cooking experience.

Lifetime Warranty

Pi Fire is made so everyone can enjoy a smokeless fire, a delicious slice, and great moments outside. Our lifetime warranty ensures your satisfaction with Pi Fire, so that you can enjoy it season after season

Pi Fire FAQs

Ranger Pi Fire

  • Diameter Oven: 15.0 in
  • Diameter Stone: 12.0 in
  • Height Oven: 15.7 in
  • Weight: 13.4 lbs

Bonfire Pi Fire

  • Diameter Oven: 19.3 in
  • Diameter Stone: 14.0 in
  • Height Oven: 16.9 in
  • Weight: 19.6 lbs

Yukon Pi Fire

  • Diameter Oven: 26.5 in
  • Diameter Stone: 20.0 in
  • Height Oven: 19.1 in
  • Weight: 34.6 lbs

Yes, some assembly is required. Simply attach three legs to the base of Pi Fire with the included 6 screws and washers.

To limit soot on your pizza, we suggest using hardwoods, specifically oak.

Many variables can affect cooking time. The temperature of the stone and dough thickness could slow down or speed up cooking time. But on average, it will take 7-8 minutes to bake the pizza.

We recommend launching a pizza when the center of the stone is between 500-650F degrees.

We recommend starting your fire with 2-3 logs for Ranger, 3-4 logs for Bonfire, and 4-5 logs for Yukon / Canyon. Add an additional log when temperatures stall or when the temperature decreases (generally happens after a pizza is cooked). Remember, to limit soot, you don't want the fire raging; rather, you want the flame constantly dancing below or at the bottom of the Pi Fire oven.

Yes! Pi Fire was designed so that you can continue to use the fire pit accessories that you love. This includes the surround to protect your loved ones, shield to block embers, sticks to cook s’mores, and tools to add logs and stoke the fire.

No, we do not recommend placing Pi Silicone Mat on top of Pi Fire. Placing anything on top of the oven will affect its ability to heat up and filter out soot.

Yes! Pi Fire should always be used with the Flame Ring.

No. Pi Fire does not work with the Hub. Pi Fire comes with three legs (similar to the heat deflector) that nest your Pi Fire onto your fire pit

Baking pizza in Pi Fire is a leisurely cooking experience, when compared to our Pi pizza oven that gets to 900F degrees. Once launched, we recommend turning your pizza every couple of minutes.

Baking pizza in the Pi Fire at 500-650F degrees is a much more forgiving environment than baking pizzas at +900F degrees in your Pi oven. It’s why we refer to Pi Fire as a leisurely pizza cooking experience. Additionally, Pi Fire is more portable and comes with a carry/storage case.

While the stone is still warm, use a wire cleaning brush to remove residue from the stone. Once the stone has cooled, you can use a paper towel to wipe away soot. Do NOT submerge the stone under water or use soap.

Allow your Pi Fire to cool completely before cleaning. Gently clean with warm soapy water and soft terry cloth or paper towel. Do NOT used anything abrasive on the ceramic coating

Yes. Always take extra precaution when placing or removing your Pi Fire. Always wear heat-resistant gloves and always store far away from children, adults and pets when allowing the Pi Fire to cool.

Yes. We are developing a Pi Fire oven for the Canyon. We expect to launch this size sometime in the 1st quarter of 2023