Solo Stove Announces Brand Ambassadors

Jan 20, 2024
Solo Stove Announces Brand Ambassadors

We’re stoked to reveal the latest addition to the Solo Stove family: Ann Kim and Zach Fowler—our first two brand ambassadors. These experts, driven by their love for fire, cooking, and creating lasting memories, are set to heat up the Solo Stove experience.

As an owner of 4 restaurants, Ann Kim will bring her love of cooking and eclectic Korean-inspired dishes to our Solo Stove family. Kim will continue introducing the world to better pizza with Solo Stove’s award-winning Pi Pizza Oven. 

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Eating only 63 fish and 2 birds over 87 days—that’s how Zach Fowler became the winner of the History Channel’s show Alone. But what makes him shine as a Solo Stove ambassador is the inventive outdoor cooking showcased on his YouTube channel. We love seeing how he integrates Solo Stove's smokeless fire pits and grill accessories into his culinary adventures.

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For a dose of inspiration, entertaining content, and wild cooking adventures, be sure to follow Ann Kim and Zachary Fowler.