Brand Ambassadors

Solo Stove products are proudly used by thousands of backpackers and outdoors enthusiasts around the world. Here are a few of our core team. These travelers use and love Solo Stove products in all of their adventures.

Ambassador Profiles


Jim Shields

History Channel's "Alone"

Jim teaches a self-designed wilderness survival and mountaineering course, and runs a leadership program at the high school he teaches at. He was a contestant on the History Channel's outdoor survival show, "Alone."


Dale Sanders

The Grey Beard Adventurer

This old Grey Beard lives on the banks of the Mississippi River. Dale prefers paddling long distance on big rivers but also loves River Angel, volunteering, and helping out through paddling much as he can.


Sarah Thomson

ITV Bear Grylls Survival School Instructor

Sarah is a BBC Ultimate Hell Week Recruit, ITV Bear Grylls Survival School Instructor and Royal Air Force PTI and avid outdoors woman. She used the Solo Stove Lite on her record breaking run along the entire Wales Coast Path.


Jenny Wilson

Outdoors Enthusiast

Jenny loves being outside and enjoying nature, drinking coffee and learning new skills. Her perfect day would be include a long hike through the woods with my dog and lunch outside.

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Anton Kalland

Outdoors Journalist

Anton is a certified wilderness guide and outdoor journalist from Finland, who currently lives in Sweden. He believes fire is an important element of a successful hike — it belongs to human nature to enjoy sitting beside a campfire.

What People Are Saying

Cody Kiker
Cody Kiker
Everyone that comes over falls in love with it, and I've already had two friends place their orders. Great job, Solo Stove!
Brooke Cox
Brooke Cox
I have never had such amazing service or care taken to ensure my satisfaction.
David Jack
David Jack
Excellent design, materials, support and delivery. What are you guys coming out with next? Can't wait...