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Alcohol Burner

$24.99 $19.99

Solo Stove

Alcohol Burner

$24.99 $19.99
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The screw top cap features a rubber gasket which allows you to store fuel directly in the alcohol burner for extended periods of time without leaking.
|For the Lite and Titan|Backup fuel source and companion to our stoves.|

Sometimes finding dry sticks and twigs on the trail can be a challenge.

Be prepared using Alcohol Burner as a backup liquid fuel option.

It’s design features a flame regulator and a screw-top cap to store fuel directly inside the burner. Details lower on page.

Use with denatured alcohol or methylated spirits only.

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No Smoke

The perfect backup fuel option

Alcohol Burner lets you enjoy your Lite or Titan camp stove when sticks and twigs aren’t available. Just fill it with denatured alcohol, place it inside your camp stove, and light!

It’s convenient flame regulator allows you to control and douse your flame with ease. Alcohol Burner features a screw top cap and rubber gasket to store liquid fuel directly inside. When you’re on the move, nest it right inside your Lite or Titan to save room in your pack.

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Product Specs


Boil Time

5-7 minutes to boil 32 fl oz of water


Denatured alcohol/methylated spirits


3.5 oz
1.8 Inches Tall, 2.9 Inches Wide

Frequently Asked Questions

Which stoves does the Alcohol Burner work well in?

The Solo Stove Lite and Titan.

What type of alcohol can I use in this burner?

We recommend denatured alcohol. Rubbing alcohol will not work well in this stove.

How should I use the Alcohol Burner?

Fill the Alcohol Burner with denatured alcohol; place it inside the Solo Stove and light.

How much denatured alcohol will it hold?

It's recommended to fill up to 3oz of denatured alcohol.

How long will it burn?

It depends on how much denatured alcohol you use and your environmental conditions. Generally, 3oz of denatured alcohol will burn for about 15-20mins. Never refill your Alcohol Burner when in use.

Will the Alcohol Burner get hot?

YES! Never touch or try to move the burner when lit. Allow the burner to cool for 15 mins before touching.

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⚠️WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to