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camping with a solo stoveWe love backpacking, camping, fishing and every other outdoor activity! Our most cherished memories come from the many outdoor adventures we've shared amongst friends and family. There's something beautiful about the simplicity of being out in nature!

One challenging part of backpacking, camping and outdoor survival that we've experienced over the years is the difficulty with making the most out of limited equipment while at the same time, trying to minimizing the impact our equipment has on the environment. This is was what led us to design the Solo Stove™ (patent pending). 

The birth of Solo Stove began as we were searching for an efficient, easy-to-use, durable, light weight backpacking stove at an affordable price. We came across a lot of really good backpacking and portable camping stoves, but none seemed to meet all of our criteria. There were some that were easy to use and light-weight but poor quality. Some were efficient but were not environmentally friendly. Others were durable and light-weight but much too expensive. 

So we decided to make my own stove that would be super efficient, easy to use, built tough, light-weight and affordable.

We designed a stove that is affordable enough for everyone to enjoy - from the avid elite backpacker to the boy scout who's out camping for the first time.  We're proud that we achieved this. Solo Stove is one of the most affordable compact wood burning stoves on the market today.

We hope you enjoy the companionship of the Solo Stove as much as we do. We're confident that the Solo Stove will soon become one of your most important pieces of backpacking gear. Happy trails!

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