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Solo Stove Aluminum Windscreen

  • 8 panel design
  • Foldable and compact
  • Sliding ground pegs for added stability
  • Lightweight aluminum design (Solo Stove sold separately)
  • Nylon bag for easy storage
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Product Description

Features: Extendable ground pegs for stability 
Size: Height 9.5 inches, Width 26.5 inches (3.5 inches packed)
Weight: 7.4 oz 
Materials: Anodized Aluminum 
Finish: Satin Grey 
Other: Drawstring carry sack included 

*Recommended to be used with a Solo Stove (sold separately)


"Very effective. Adding in your windscreen helped me achieve faster boil times and cut down on the amount of fuel I used."
~Mason Young, Scout Master & Emergency Preparation Consultant


How it Works

The Solo Stove Aluminum Windscreen is meant to work in conjunction with our wood burning Solo Stove. Added protection against the elements will allow you to achieve faster boil times. With the wind blocked, efficiency increases and you'll also use less fuel for each burn.  The extendable ground pegs allows for a stable setup. The 8-panel design allows you to configure the windscreen in a number of shapes and folds together nicely after each use.


Product Reviews

  • Must have

    Posted by Sarge

    A "must have" for the Solo Stove. Very well made.

  • Great windscreen

    Posted by Gregg Wilkins

    This actually does what it is suppose to! It's worth it's weight when you are on those hikes where open space and wind can ruin your meal. It even protects the pot helping keep the heat more contained. It definitely serves its purpose.

  • Although it looks simple thing, but very necessary.

    Posted by hsuan-chou chen

    I have a similar product, but they are very low, about 7 inches around, only this product height is 9.5 inches, and easily fixed on the ground, is a great product.

  • Take the wind out of the sail

    Posted by Scotsman

    Geat for keeping the wind from blowing your flame out or away from the pot and also burning your fuel up too fast. Convenient flat packing.

  • just the thing....

    Posted by william

    Love the windscreen!! It is so useful and compact. I love the fact that it is rigid as well. I really do not like other companies' wind screens as they are difficult to unfold (uncrumple).

    This one works great!!!

  • Perfect Accessory for both Solo Stove and Solo Stove Titan

    Posted by Rob M

    I was a little curious if this product would be tall enough to use with the Solo Store Titan and it is. I am the Scout Master of my Son's Boy Scout Troop and about halfway through cooking dinner on the Titan, the wind picked up to about 35 MPH. I pulled out the Windscreen and was able to stabilize the flame and continue cooking. It is not flimsy either. It held up well against the wind and did not get knocked around like some other stoves windscreens. It fits small in my pack and is the perfect accessory for these stoves as well as some of my other backpacking stoves. Great Job Guys!!!

  • A must have for the Solo Stove

    Posted by Whit Coburn

    This product helps a great deal when running a Solo Stove. The wind can effect the Solo Stove a great deal. This product is a much have item.

  • Worked in 30 MPH wind gusts.

    Posted by Donald T

    I used Tinder and fuel wood of Oak, Hickory, and Pecan on first trial. Water started to boil in about 7 minutes. I will try a better grade of deadfall next time.

  • necessary accessary for small camping stoves

    Posted by DS

    There's always at least a breeze blowing in my neck of the woods. I have several small Esbit stoves and a Solo Titan stove. These screens block the wind so flames don't blow to one side, or constantly change direction. Great for a steady and efficient cooking fire, plus the screen is simple to configure to just about whatever shape you need. Folds up into a nice flat package when done.

  • Sturdy & Slightly Hefty

    Posted by Gollum

    The hinge pins are a stiff piece of wire with a crook at the top and run the length of the screen. They slide up and down real easy right now (being new), which will allow for disassembly or panel removal, etc. if desired. However, they will slide below the panels when handling, but create no problem when put in the pouch (at least as long as the pouch stays intact-I do think the those wires will eventually work through the cloth pouch and then the wire hinges will be vulnerable when sticking out the bottom-I reckon I might pad the bottom of the pouch). It is sturdier than expected and therefore heavier, which I like. I was worried of bending and binding, etc., but that should not be likely with a little TLC and when folded it makes a nice solid block of aluminum and less vulnerable to deformation. The height is what I would consider adequate, yet not too long to add weight needlessly. It fits nicely around the Solo stove I bought with it. It makes a good combo.

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