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Solo Stove Tripod

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Use the Tripod along with the Solo Stove Pot 1800 or Solo Stove 2 Pot set for increased stability. Lightweight and compact, the Tripod is easy to setup and disassemble. The adjustable hang chain allows you to control the height at which your pot hangs over your flame giving you a more flexible outdoor cooking experience. The Solo Stove Tripod can be used in combination with any Solo Stove.


Why should I use a Tripod?

Tripods add a new dimension to outdoor cooking. Achieve a simmer or keep food warm.

What pots work with the Tripod?

The Solo Stove Pot 1800 and 2 Pot Set both have hang bails and work well with the Tripod.

What stoves work well with the Tripod?

The Solo Stove Titan and Campfire work well with this tripod.

Is this Tripod sturdy?

It’s extremely sturdy when set up on soft ground. With tapered legs, the tripod can be pushed into the ground for added stability.

How high should I hang my pot over my stove?

It depends what you’re trying to do. With an adjustable chain, you can hang your pot right on top of your stove for more heat or higher to achieve a simmer or to keep food warm.

Does this windscreen come with a stuff sack?

Yep! The stuff sack is a great way to keep the windscreen protected.

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Product Specs

Height adjustable hang chain
Assembled max height 43 inches
19 oz
Anodized Aluminum
Drawstring carry sack

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  1. A nice addition to your camp 5 Star Review

    The tripod comes in its own storage bag and can be very helpful when resting your pot on the Campfire provides too much heat (or you like big flames!). It will assemble together in just a few short moments, and comes with its own chain to hang the pot from. The legs are made of solid aluminum, thread into each other, and the bottom legs are pointed for easy insertion into the earth. It's not a necessity IMHO, but it's nice to have!

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  2. Solo Stove Tripod 5 Star Review

    An excellent addition to my Titans with pots. Thank you.

    Posted by

  3. Good Tool 5 Star Review

    I have not used it yet, but I assembled it, and am satisfied. I know it'll be just what I need for boiling dried beans, and for simmering, etc., etc.. Would have preferred a welded link daisy chain, but I happen to have some of that anyway.

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  4. Best Tripod I have ever purchased 5 Star Review

    I have used a lot of tripods over the years and this one out preforms them all. The quality of the product is excellent and the size is perfect. This breaks down and stores in a great storage bag. If your looking at purchasing a tri-pod do not hesitate on it. Its worth it.

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  5. Tri-Pod a Necessity 5 Star Review

    The tripod for the Solo Stove is a great idea. It’s small size and easy portability make it an ideal accessory to use when needed. The tripod is the type of device which won’t always be needed when cooking with the Solo Stove kit, but will prove invaluable when needed.

    The tripod disassembles into a tiny package which makes it a natural for portability. The tripod conforms to the same high quality standards as other Solo Stove products and accessories. Adding it to your camp cooking inventory is a no-brainer. Once you’ve seen and used it, it’s another high quality “must have.”

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  6. Where's this been whenever I camp? 5 Star Review

    I dont know how I have been cooking all these years outdoors and never used one of these before, but i do know it will always be in the gear from this point on. The Tripod is a very beneficial part of my kitchen gear now. It lifted the pot just enough( adjustable height) that I was able to maintain the fire without removing the pot from the heat, but yet kept a steady heat cooking our dinner. NO BURNT HANDS from poorly insulated handles while cooking.
    The poles are VERY sturdy, and personally I am more than pleased to see no shock cords. When you screw the legs together you can feel this is well made. Its fairly light weight also, which is a bonus to the pack up. About the only downfall I can mention at this point is I am surprised with the "nesting effect" of the SoloStove and the SoloStove 1800 pot I have that they haven't found a way to include the tripod in the nest yet.
    I would definitely suggest grabbing yourself one of these tripods while you can if you haven't already.

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  7. Strong, Sturdy, and Stable! 5 Star Review

    The Solo Stove Tripod is everything I had hoped it would be. I couldn’t wait to get out to the campsite to try it last weekend. The tripod came in a nice black water resistant nylon drawstring bag, which takes up about 14”x2”x1”. Instructions were not included, but assembly was relatively easy. The very sturdy legs screw together smoothly, and the tapered points on the bottom legs make it easy to stick the tripod into soft ground, adding extra stability. Make sure you do not cross-thread the legs when screwing them together, or you may strip the threads. Standing on its own, the tripod is stable; it would take some manpower to knock it over. The fact that it is a tripod allows you to set it up on an uneven surface, and it remains stable, so if your pot slides off your stove often, you should consider getting this and hanging your pot to keep it level. Fully assembled, it’s about 30” tall.

    When hanging the pot on the chain at full-length without the tripod stuck into the ground, the pot sits on the Solo Stove Titan (which is 5.75” tall). The adjustable chain allows you to hang the pot at whatever height you’d like. This was especially handy when I heated my beef stew, which I did at about 6” above the stove. Additional photos on the packaging or in instructions on how to adjust the chain would have been helpful, but I figured it out eventually with trial and error. I think that the hook that holds the pot should be more closed so that when stirring, there’s less likelihood of the pot falling off the hook (you can probably bend the hook yourself if you want).

    I used the tripod with the Solo Stove Titan wood burning stove and Solo Stove Pot 1800, but the tripod could be used in other cooking applications as well (over other stoves or over a campfire if you don’t mind sticking the legs into the fire). My Solo Stove Pot 1800 is about 5” in diameter but I believe you’d be able to use any pot with a diameter under around 7-8”. Overall, this tripod is strong, sturdy, and stable enough to meet any of your camp cooking needs.

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  8. Tripod for Solo Stove 5 Star Review

    Lightweight and easily stored when disassembled. Could even be use over a small fire without the stove if need be. Seems durable and made of high quality material. When legs are put together a small amount of squeaking occurred but a puff of lock graphite stopped that. Definitely reduces the amount of soot onto pot but that was not a major concern of mine . I believe the main benefit for me will be the use of it in keeping something warm without sitting it directly onto the stove. Also for something you would want to cook slow at lower temps.
    This will be my first tripod for camping.
    I will keep this in my camping gear and would recommend this as good item for anyone. Good price,light weight,easily stored, a nice addition for your camp.

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  9. easiest packing tripod ever 5 Star Review

    One of the big selling points of this tripod is the easy chain adjustability. I used the tripod with the solostove titan set up. You have great control of the heat when you are cooking. You can adjust the chain to keep your food warm without burning it or it allows you to heat it up slowly so you can finish your other tasks around camp. It sets up and breaks down in no time at all and comes with a handy storage bag. Once the tripod is broken down and put in the bag it is very easy to pack up and throw in your day pack or bug out bag for all of the preppers out there. Once again solostove has delivered a quality made and user friendly product. If you are looking for a lightweight versatile tripod to add to your gear I would strongly recommend the solo stove tripod.

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  10. A welcomed addition to my kit. 5 Star Review

    I am very happy with this lightweight tripod. I was able to set it up in a few minutes and found it to be very sturdy. I used this tripod to hang my Solo Stove 1800 pot over the Solo Stove Titan stove for cooking. The tripod has an adjustable chain that allowed me to better control the heat and hold the pot about 2 inches above the stove. I found it to be very useful on uneven ground where the pot may not be as secure when resting on the stove. This also gave my the ability to use larger sticks and branches to burn than I normally would use in the stove.

    The tripod is also great for use over a campfire or a fire hole and freeing up your regular cook stove for another pot or skillet.

    The Tripod unscrews easily and quickly (2-3 minutes tops) packing into its own small nylon bag. It weighs less than a pound and takes up almost no space in my pack, so I will bring it along on my backpacking and camping trips. Highly recommended!

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