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Solo Stove Pot 1800

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$45.99 (You save $24.00)
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Product Description

Size: Height 6.1 inches, Diameter 5.5 inches 
Weight: 12.5 oz
Volume: 61 fl.oz (1800mL)
Materials: 304 Stainless steel

*Recommended to be used with a Solo Stove Titan (sold separately)


"Simple yet super functional. I love the folding bail and with the Titan being able to nest inside this pot, I've found my perfect cook system. "
~Terry Frost, Experienced Backpacker


How it Works

The lightweight Solo Stove Pot 1800 is the companion pot crafted specifically for use with the Solo Stove Titan. When nested, the Solo Stove Titan fits inside the Solo Stove Pot 1800 for easy storage. Made with premium grade 304 stainless steel, the Solo Stove Pot 1800 is more durable than aluminum pots and arguably, a safer and healthier choice. The Solo Stove Pot 1800 features:

  • Easy to use lid with a rubber coated lift tab (lockable in the upright position)
  • Pour spout for easy pouring
  • Double fold out handles
  • Volume markings in oz and mL
  • Folding/Removeable bail
  • Black nylon stuff sack with drawstring

Product Reviews

  • Awesome

    Posted by Dennis M

    Awesome, as the rest of solo stove's equipment.
    Would highly recommend to anyone who needs lightweight cooking equipment for backpacking, camping or emergency situations. Also their customer service is second to none.

  • Good pot for the Titan or Original

    Posted by Patrick

    I liked the size as it is good for water. The benefit of this over the 900 pot is that the 900 pot does not have a handle over the top so you can't hang it from a tripod or another hanging device.

  • Great Pot for the Solo Stove Titan

    Posted by John Thornton

    Great light weight pot and fits nicely on the solo titan stove. Easy to clean and heats evenly and quickly. I would highly recommend,

  • A no brainer!

    Posted by Tim Mumford

    If you have purchased the Solo Titan then getting this pot with it or eventually is simply, a no brainer. It heats water for two, in the same time as the Solo stove. Also the Titan nests nicely inside it for packing. Why would you not want this with your Solo Titan? It is as beautiful as anything else made by Solo. And as durable too. Stainless steel construction and cleans up easily. Some say use dishsoap to coat it first. I say, nevermind that, a damp cloth removes all the soot and when back at base camp or home, it cleans up nice with stainless steel cleaner. Get it or regret it. It's not like you are gonna wear it out and have to buy another one. Worth the money, definitely.

  • Solo Stove Titan is just with the size of the product is very easy to use.

    Posted by hsuan-chou chen

    I'll Solo Stove Titan on the car, so this product also together in the car. Travel or travel by car, the same car can sometimes break, tea or coffee is very easy to cook and eat a little snack is also very convenient. Really want to thank solo stove companies have this design.

  • Solo does it again

    Posted by Tim

    This is a well made well though out product. The folding handle stows flat when not in use and out when you need it, it stays in place while in use. The lid fits well and does not rattle around when on the pot, the lid has a small handle on top that folds flat when not needed and can put in the up postion using a small notch in the lid handle mount. The pot itself also has a bucket handle which can be used to hang the pot over the solo stove or fire if youmwish. The stuff sack that came with my pot seam was improperly sewn so there is about a 2 to 3 inch hole in the seam. I will open the seam the rest of the way and resew it. The sack fits the pot and you can stow the Titan stove in it's own stuff sack inside the 1800 pot.
    The pot is well made I don't think you will be disappointed if you get it. I am giving it 4 stars because of the stuff sack and because the pot is made in China. Given that the pot is made on a machine it could be made in the US. I think more people would buy them if they where made in the USA. I will more than likely get the alcohol stove and the tripod later. I will just have to swallow the made in China thing.

  • Another Perfect Accessory

    Posted by Bill Sammon

    Like everything else from Solo Stove this pot has been designed from the ground up to include every feature needed for hard core survival situations yet is perfect for the weekend hike too. It's the perfect accessory for the Titan stove. The stove fits snugly into the pot with no rattles or wasted space. The pot is the ideal balance between sturdy and light weight. Unique to this type of gear is the handy folding, locking and removable bail. The bail locks to the front, rear and strait up.. The pot can be used with the stove or hung over an open fire or used with their handy tripod. The handles are at right angles to the pour spout making precision, safe and measured pouring a breeze. The cover fits nice and has a handle that locks in the up position. The cover handle is insulated and made large enough to be able to use a stick for lid lifter. To heat 60 ounces plus of water or boil and simmer one pot meals for 2 or 3 people this is all you need and for those of us who count every ounce of weight remember this, with that bail handle you can leave the stove behind. That makes this outfit much lighter than a titanium pot, stove and fuel combination of equal size but get the stove too you'll be glad you did! Great job Jeff!!!

  • A Needed Accessory

    Posted by Solo Stove user

    The Solo Pot 1800 is a valuable and needed accessory. The capacity of the pot is exactly what is needed to compliment the Solo Stove cooking system.

    The Solo Pot 1800 is of sufficient capacity even to heat water for cleanup of dinner dishes, it is an accessory whose time has come.

  • Just right!

    Posted by Danny R.

    Great product with all the features needed for backwoods cooking. I HAD to have it mostly for nesting / protecting my Titan stove. Great idea, here!

  • Good pot with great features

    Posted by John Holz

    This pot is the perfect companion to the Solo stove. On its own it is a great camp pot the bail for me is the perfect height and I like the friction fit 3 position. The handles are a good size and shape for handling a full pot I am glad that there isn't silcone coating on the handles. The tab for the pot lid is nice in that it can lock in the upright position however I am torn on the lid wishing it was more multi-use capable and could be used as a fry pan or something. The biggest improvement I could think of is if it were titanium you could save half the weight.

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