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Solo Stove 3 Pot Set

  • Solo Stove 3 Pot Set
  • Easy nesting for compact storage
  • Stainless steel design
  • Solo Stove 3 Pot Set with Solo Stove Titan
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Product Description

Size: Height 4.2 inches, Diameter 7.7 inches 
Weight: 23.3 oz
Volume: 2L, 1.5L, 1.25L
Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

*Recommended to be used with a Solo Stove Titan (sold separately)


"A great compact design when you need a few pots to cook a bigger meal or for small groups. A perfect fit for cooking on the new Solo Stove Titan"
~Charles T. Patrick, Scout Leader & avid backpacker


How it Works

The Solo Stove 3 Pot Set is the companion pot set designed specifically for use with Solo Stoves. When nested together, the Solo Stove 3 Pot Set is an extremely compact cookware system that is easily packed away. Made with premium grade 304 stainless steel, this pot set is rugged, durable and highly functional. The Solo Stove 3 Pot Set features:

  • 1 x 2L pot
  • 1 x 1.5L pot
  • 1 x 1.25L pot
  • Universal lid/plate
  • Lightweight aluminum pot gripper
  • Black nylon stuff sack with drawstring

User Review Videos

Solo Stove Titan Demonstration (01:38)
A demo of the Solo Stove Titan. Visit http://www.solostove.com for more information.
  • Solo Stove Tit...
    A demo of the Solo Stove Titan. Visit http://www.solostove.com...

Product Reviews

  • Bomb proof multi person cook kit

    Posted by TheGearWhores

    The Solo Stove 3 pot set is a nested stainless steel cooking pot set, including a multi-use lid, that is specifically designed with the original Solo Stove in mind. This pot set extends the usefulness of the Solo Stove to well beyond a single camper and makes it a kit capable of cooking for an entire patrol and making “one pot meals” a thing of the past.

    –Design and Construction–

    The Solo Stove 3 pot set is constructed of heavy gauge semi polished stainless steel with a rolled edge lip. Overall the impression of the set is very reminiscent of the classic Sigg Tourist and Svea123 pot and stove set. Even the overall dimensions and weight are very similar between the vintage Sigg Tourist and the Solo Stove 3 pot set. These heavy pots stack together with a good level of symmetry allowing for little wasted space. Though the pots do appear to be a bit shallow they allow for ample room to store the original Solo Stove inside with the lid in place. The lid is also quite cleverly designed. A set of concentric graduations allows the lid to tightly nest onto the top of any of the three included pots, and can also fit in or over the largest pot to allow for a bit more liquid volume. The lid itself can easily be used as a frying pan and is made of the same robust steel as the rest of the pot set. For ease of use the set also includes a dedicated pot grabber that is to act as the pot handle, and the device works as advertised. We did find it entertaining that the good folks at Solo Stove did take the weight of the pot grabber in mind and removed any extra material. Not carrying that extra ¼ oz around will certainly make the difference.

    –Durability and Usability–

    Each of the pots in the The Solo Stove 3 pot set are quite wide, and our initial impression left us wondering if they would be stable on the smaller original Solo Stove. To test we started by filling the largest of the pots with a very respectable 7 cups of water, and placed it on an already burning Solo Stove. A few taps, jostles, and then shoves later we were quite convinced that the wide and low profile pot was very stable where it was. We felt very comfortable continually feeding the Solo Stove while the pot was on top, confident that it would not fall or tip over, which it did not.

    The bottoms of the pots, like any on a fire, did soot a bit. We alleviated this issue by using an old Boy Scout trick. By rubbing the bottom of the pan with dish soap prior to placing them on the fire, all of the soot was easily removed with hot soap and water. Outside of this small fouling, not even minimal discoloration was experienced. These beefy pots are built to last.

    –Overall Impressions–

    The Solo Stove 3 pot set certainly extends the original Solo Stove’s ability to cook multi person meals. It is a well designed, fully nested pot set that easily matches and mates with the companion stove. Due to their overbuilt and heavy stainless construction they are not for the ultralight backpacking crowd, but if you were to toss them in a pack you’d have a hard time destroying them.

  • lightweight i wonder how i survived without it

    Posted by kevin

    this is ultra lightweight,the entire set with my solo titan is 3.8 pounds...its a wonderful system,u will not be disappointed,and the lightweight handle works incredibly easy.....


    Posted by Jan Williams

    I purchased this cookware because after lots of research I thought it was the most durable, best quality, yet lightweight and packable for the price. I was right! It nests well into my backpack. The lid can be used for a plate and the lightweight handle grips very well to remove the pans. I use one of the pots over the solo stove and then use the other pots at the same time over an a grill of an open fire, doing multiple cooking at the same time. The pots are the highest quality stainless stain which was important to me. I don't want non-stick coating coming off into my food or beverage. No after taste from cooking with this cookware. In my opinion, you need not look further for better cookware.

  • Great Stainless pot kit

    Posted by Benjammin

    When I bought my first Titan stove, I had a number of pots to try out with it. From Aluminum to anodized to stainless, they all seemed to do okay and probably been okay kit to go with the stove on my excursions.

    Then I got notified that this pot set from Solo was on sale. Considering the quality of the stove I bought, I figured it would be worth the money, especially at sale price, to give them a go.

    When they arrived, I gave them a good visual. These pots are very well constructed. They are the most concentrically formed pots I have seen (meaning they are of uniform thickness, symmetrical, and center of balance is almost perfect). The three pots might be more than I would need on a typical backpacking trip, but since the Titan is more of a base camp version anyways, they suit the purpose for which I wanted them. They would be fine if I wanted to pack them in any case, just more than I think I would need unless I were the cook for an expedition of more than 3 or 4. With the three pots, my problem now will be not having three stoves to use at the same time, so it looks like I may need to buy more stoves?

    For the money, these pots are top notch, and a good value. You could go cheaper I suppose; I have some cheap pots myself, and they will work, but it is nice to buy quality too.

    In using the pots, I am still having problems with sooting. Soaping the outside helps, but I wish I could get the fire burning just a tad more efficiently. It seems that just about the time the wood gas effect is working ideally, I have to add more fuel to the fire, which apparently alters the combustion enough that soot gets produced. Will have to make some recommendations on that after I test a few things.

  • Great for either solo stove!

    Posted by Charles Wade

    At first I was a little skeptical about these pots. But after I received them and used them, I have to admit that these pots are great. They are the perfect pots for either the regular Solo stove and even better with the new Solo stove Titan. I have both stoves and they work great on both.

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