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Solo Stove Alcohol Burner

  • Screw top lid w/gasket & flame regulator
  • All brass construction
  • Works great inside the Solo Stove
  • Nests directly inside the Solo Stove for easy storage
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Product Description

Fast to boil: 5-7 minutes to boil 32 fl oz of water 
Fuel: Denatured alcohol/methylated spirits 
Size: Height 1.8 inches, Diameter 2.9 inches 
Weight: 3.5 oz 
Materials: Brass 

*Recommended to be used with a Solo Stoves (sold separately)


"The efficient air flow of the Solo Stove kicks this alcohol burner into TURBO! I've never seen an alcohol stove perform like this one did inside the Solo Stove. I'm impressed."
~Trent Parkinson, Backpacker/Survivalist


How it Works

The Solo Stove Alcohol Burner is a great backup fuel source and companion to our wood burning Solo Stove. When used inside the Solo Stove, this alcohol burner benefits from the Solo Stove's efficient air flow system and which means achieving faster boil times. A convenient flame regulator lets you control and delete the flame with ease. The screw top cap features a rubber gasket which allows you to store fuel directly in the alcohol burner for extended periods of time without leakage. When you're on the move, save your precious pack space and store your Solo Alcohol Burner directly inside the Solo Stove itself.

Denatured Alcohol Explained

The Solo Alcohol Burners uses denatured alcohol (a.k.a. ethanol, methylated spirits, marine stove fuel), methanol or similar fuels. Denatured alcohol is readily available at sporting and hardware stores and is fairly inexpensive. Denatured alcohol burns very efficiently and produces no soot or smoke. Unlike petroleum fuels, denatured alcohol is a renewable fuel (made from plant material). It's vapors are non-explosive and it can be extinguished with water in an emergency making it safer than petroleum fuels. Another great feature of denatured alcohol is that it can be carried in virtually any plastic container making it very easy to transport and dispense.

User Review Videos

Keith McLain Talks About The Solo Stove Alcohol Burner (03:08)
The ERG team hiked up to the top of Rabun Bald (4,696 feet), the second highest peak in Georgia, for a little sky watching this Memorial Day. Of course, in the morning was coffee time which Keith brewed using the Solo Stove Alcohol Burner. We thought that we would take the opportunity provided to do a quick video review of the stove. We were very impressed by the stove's ease of use and functionality.
  • Keith McLain T...
    The ERG team hiked up to the top of Rabun Bald (4,696 feet), t...

Product Reviews

  • great little stove

    Posted by robert

    This stove is a great little stove. Works for hiking and for those that like to travel light.

  • Great addition to the Solo stove

    Posted by Danny Gwin

    Bought this along with the small Solo stove. Works excellent. Put the burner inside the stove with the yellow Heet fuel. Lit up with no problems. Had water boiling in a few minutes. The snuff-control lid comes in handy when lower heat is wanted. Just lay it on top with the opening set to your preferrence. When done cooking, remove the lid using the attached handle, close the top and put it over the flame. Easy.

  • Great Compact Stove

    Posted by John Thornton

    Great little stove that I can carry with me every where I go. This stove is part of my ECD equipment and is a great little addition. Swivel cover allows me to regulate the flame . Lightweight and well made.

  • How to fix this stove if the lid won't open.

    Posted by Ed Beliczynski

    Great stove. However, I'd like to share a tip in case your stove won't open after you use it. After my first use, I let the stove cool down (it was slightly warm) and then the next time I tried to use it, the lid was fused shut. All my twisting, turning and grunting did nothing. Then my wife applied "kitchen science" by using a teaspoon to gently pop open the lid (the same way that you might with a jar of pickles). A vacuum had been created by the tight seal and this technique releases it. Enjoy!

  • Self sealing, doesn't leak.

    Posted by Tim Mumford

    I bought two of these to use with my solo stove and solo stove Titan. Mainly they are used as a backup as others have stated, if the weather gets wet and firewood is non existent. I am impressed first with the looks, and second with the operation, (much the same as a whitebox stove) but most of all with the fact it seals with the alcohol in it and doesn't leak on my other supplies. Common sense says do not put the seal lid on while it is hot, duh. And fourth, it is well constructed and doesn't feel cheap. For what it is, and what it does, how it looks and how it is made, worth every penny. This combined with a rounded body shaped flask, I can carry enough alcohol to sustain me for a couple of days.

  • Backup to burning wood

    Posted by Ernie

    Got this in before going out with the boys camping at Jordan Lake used wood first then next meal used Solo Alcohol Burner which was a bit slower in heating up water but did burn for a while work great to cook the food. And it keep my hands warm which was nice because it was cold that morning.

  • Great backup

    Posted by Gregg Wilkins

    I got this burner along with my Solo Stove to use in rainy or snowy camping conditions. To try it out I used 2 oz of 70% alcohol and the unit stayed burning for approximately 45 minutes. It does take a little longer to get water boiling than when using the sticks and ground debris yet this is a great backup unit and I am glad to be adding it to my gear. Thanks

  • Bought for use as a heater

    Posted by LP

    I bought this burner with the Campfire Solo Stove to use as a hunting blind heater, in the mold of the old fashioned Seater Heater. I fired up the burner using Everclear, and with the lid mostly in the closed position, the blue flame kicks out a nice level of warmth. In the hunting blind, air circulation not a problem, so I am hoping this will do the trick.

  • Great backup

    Posted by Scotsman

    This is a good thing to have as a backup in case you're somewhere lacking natural fuel like a beach.

  • Have two stoves in one outfit

    Posted by Chuck Littleton

    Two stoves in one outfit. Use wood when it is available and dry , rain comes along then use the alcohol burner in the solo stove to cook with. Or if you just get lazy then use the alcohol burner , like for the morning coffee.
    I got a cough syrup bottle ( 6 oz ) from my pharmacists to carry the alcohol in for the alcohol burner. It's plenty for a weekend or 3 day trip. 1 oz per meal is the norm for me plus you can always use dried wood from around the campsite and save the alcohol.
    One word of warning ... DO NOT place the rubber gasket on the burner when it is hot or use it to put the flame out , you will ruin it. Use the simmering / extinguishing lid instead.
    For a good simmer I open mine about 1/4 to 3/8's of an inch.
    The yellow bottle of HEET from the auto supply place works as good as the denatured alcohol.

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